Robert KiyosakiRobert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, author of bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad as well as 25 others financial guide books, has spent his career working as a financial educator, entrepreneur, successful investor, real estate mogul, and motivational speaker, all while running the Rich Dad Company.

The Real Crash: What Is Warren Buffett Trying to Tell Us?

Warren Buffett is widely regarded as the greatest investor of all time. Virtually everything he touches turns to gold, helping him become one of the richest men to ever walk the earth. When you read his name in the newspaper, it’s usually about a new business that his company has acquired. Well, the biggest news of all in the last few months is what Warren Buffett is selling…

Master the 6 Basic Rules of Investing

The process of moving from being an employee or self-employed to a business owner or a sophisticated investor is a bit like that of a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. It takes time and often requires a total transformation in mindset and behavior.

🔑 7 Steps Toward Financial Freedom

The truth is, the price of a good education is too high and the ROI is too low. Today, millions of people, young and old, are leaving school deeply in debt and unable to find that mythical high-paying job for life. Like it or not, life costs money. Yet we teach students little to nothing about money. Here are seven things they don’t teach in school but are necessary if financial freedom is your goal…

The United States is Facing the Biggest Bubble in HISTORY

A giant stock-market crash is coming, but the market crash is not the problem. Predicting a market crash is not a big deal. All financial markets go up, and all financial markets come down. Market cycles are a part of life. Predicting a market crash is like predicting the coming of winter. The issue is that the next market crash will reveal big problems. The next crash will be especially hard because three generations have pushed a bigger problem forward—the problem of how people support themselves once their working days are over. That is an unprecedented problem that grows bigger every day.

What Should You Do with $10,000?

The global financial crisis begins in our schools. What did school teach you about money? For most people, the answer is, “not much.” A real financial education levels the playing field. The road is still rough, and becoming wealthy is not easy. But real financial education offers everyone greater control over your financial future. In other words, real financial education puts your financial future in your hands. Find out today what I believe is not being taught in our schools today…

Why 97% Will Be Poor After 2020

One would have hoped that the baby boomer generation would have learned from their mistakes and focused on financial education for their children, the millennials, but they did not. Today, find out the reasons why every generation today is at risk of losing everything in the face of the current economic climate.