Robert KiyosakiRobert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, author of bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad as well as 25 others financial guide books, has spent his career working as a financial educator, entrepreneur, successful investor, real estate mogul, and motivational speaker, all while running the Rich Dad Company.

Bitcoin and Gold: The ETF Conspiracy

Nearly every financial planner will tell you that to be financially secure, you must diversify. Unfortunately, what they mean is not true diversification. Rather it is diversification in only one asset class, paper assets — the class where banks make big money in the form of fees. Here’s why that’s the wrong advice for you.

How Financial Oppression Killed the Middle Class

You may or may not believe that there was an intentional conspiracy against teaching about money in the school system... But you can’t deny that our schools receive a failing grade when it comes to financial education. Here’s why that’s the driving force behind the financial oppression many people in our country face today.

Bitcoin’s Crash Is Great News

Investors see the bigger, macro picture and act accordingly. Traders jump in when a coin is “hot” and bail when it corrects — the complete opposite of what I’ll be doing during this Bitcoin rollercoaster. Today, I explain how a true investor views cryptocurrencies in our current economic situation.

How to Be a Capitalist When Socialism Takes Over

True capitalists use markets to do what people and governments want to be done. When schools train you to get a job or work for money as an accountant, lawyer, or doctor, you are being trained to work for a capitalist… and to demand more money for less work. Our country needs more young people to learn how to be true capitalists who can make value… here’s how we can do it.