Robert KiyosakiRobert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, author of bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad as well as 25 others financial guide books, has spent his career working as a financial educator, entrepreneur, successful investor, real estate mogul, and motivational speaker, all while running the Rich Dad Company.

End the Fed?

I agree we should end the Fed… but I choose to use my rich dad’s advice, which is “be the Fed.” I create my own vehicles — investments, intellectual property, and assets — that put money in my pocket, month after month and year after year, whether I continue to work or not. That’s “being the Fed,” or printing your own money.

What It Costs to Become Rich

When I ask someone, “Do you really want to be rich?” I also ask if they’re willing to make the jump from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. Some say yes. Most say no. Why? The answer is again found in the word “change.” For many people, the change required is a price greater than most are willing to pay. What about you?

The Best Inflation Opportunity

Inflation is here in a big way. And that means I'm dumping dollars and moving into commodities and precious metals… as you should be. I may be wrong, but I feel safer with this strategy than with the prevailing one — saving dollars and investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Here’s why...

3 Types of Investors

Just as there are different levels of investors, there are also different types of investors — much like different personalities. Knowing which one you are in any given context will help you on your path to financial freedom...

Want To Be Rich? Don’t Go To School.

Students leave school looking for a high-paying job, only to fly into the web of capitalism... not because capitalism is evil, but because the educational system fails to prepare students for the real world. Without financial education, students are trained to be the victims of capitalism. Socialism isn’t the answer, it’s a twisted, self-fulfilling prophecy...

The 3 Investment Values

Starting at a young age, I had already decided I wanted to be rich. I quickly learned that to become rich I had to be willing to feel insecure and uncomfortable. There isn’t a right or wrong decision. If you’re not willing to give up your comfort or security for the sake of being rich, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, if that’s true for you, it’ll determine what type of investor you ultimately become.

Why Millenials Will Lose

Millennials get branded as “entitled” or “spoiled.” In a lot of ways, they’re victims of unfulfilled promises and old ways of thinking and teaching from those from my generation. But that’s where the excuses have to stop. If millennials can learn and embrace these new rules and mindsets, they can change the course of the nation for the better.