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Robert KiyosakiRobert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, author of bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad as well as 25 others financial guide books, has spent his career working as a financial educator, entrepreneur, successful investor, real estate mogul, and motivational speaker, all while running the Rich Dad Company.

Gold Will Always Be Gold

Dear Reader, You know that while many people think of the dollar as money, it’s not—it’s currency. It has been since 1971 when Richard Nixon moved the dollar from the gold standard and made it the reserve currency of the global economy. This is the reason we’ve had so many wild economic swings in the...

New Cash Flow Opportunity: A Booming Economy With Trade War Fears Keep This Retail Giant Trading Sideways

The U.S. – China trade war is affecting retailers in the U.S, but a booming economy continues to offset this headwind to growth. This dynamic tension between good and bad news will keep retailers trading in a narrow range for now. Using the Rich Dad’s Weekly Cash Flow strategy, Robert and Jim have identified one wholesale giant that uses its pricing power to insulate them from trade war fears and keeps it trading in a narrow range.

Know the Two Kinds of Money Problems

Dear Reader, One of the most startling differences between my rich dad and poor dad was the kind of world they saw. My poor dad always saw a world of financial scarcity. That view was reflected when he said, “Do you think money grows on trees?” or “Do you think I’m made of money?” or...