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Robert KiyosakiRobert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, author of bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad as well as 25 others financial guide books, has spent his career working as a financial educator, entrepreneur, successful investor, real estate mogul, and motivational speaker, all while running the Rich Dad Company.

New Cash Flow Opportunity: A Tight Range For This Index As Gold Takes A Breather

Factors that determine the direction of gold prices have been status quo lately. Drivers like lower real rates has run its course for the time being and geopolitical factors seem set to remain calm for the short term. Also, the suppl/demand situation is stable until the next exogenous shock. Robert and Jim have identified one gold ETF that leverages to the price of gold and is perfect for the short term as gold prices trade in a narrow range.

New Cash Flow Opportunity: Conflicting Trends In The Economy Keeps This ETF Moving In A Tight Range

The case for a strong economy has been reflected by strong growth in the first quarter of the year. But a look behind the numbers tell a different story. Using the Rich Dad’s Weekly Cash Flow strategy, Robert and Jim have identified one tech ETF that reflects the good and bad indicators of the overall economy and keeps it in a tight range. This makes it a perfect candidate for Weekly Cash Flow.

New Cash Flow Opportunity: Offsetting Forces Will Keep This Emerging Market In Mediocrity

The Brazilian robust economy is slowing, partly for internal reasons and partly as the result of a pronounced global slowing due to trade wars, demographics and currency manipulation. Using the Rich Dad’s Weekly Cash Fow strategy, Robert and Jim have identified one emerging market ETF that will continue trading in a narrow range as offsetting forces in both economic and political areas make it a perfect candidate for our strategy.