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Scott Stewart has been trading for decades. He has acted as an analyst and educator on the stock market for just as long. As your Rich Dad's Weekly Cash Flow analyst, Scott works tirelessly to ensure you know everything you need to do when entering into new positions, and adjusting trades as you go along. He's provided countless hours of education material, through his multiple weekly videos, and his extensive "Cash Flow Zone Academy" training series, and the weekly FAQ page updates. All available to Rich Dad's Weekly Cash Flow subscribers.

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Last updated: 5/29/20. Here we answer some of the most common and important questions we receive from you and your fellow subscribers. I will update this post regularly, so you know you can always check back for the most current information.

Your Monday Update – And Training!

Scott Stewart Analyst, Rich Dad’s Weekly Cash Flow Dear Reader, This week’s video update includes a big training session! I recorded over an hour of really excellent information you need. Take it slow. Digest it in small chunks if necessary, but make sure you go through it all! We discuss our trades from last week....

Your May Portfolio Update

In this month’s review, Scott gives a summary of the entire portfolio and discusses how digging deep into a company’s fundamentals is more important than just seeing the stock on its surface. We currently have two open positions that we are closely monitoring, and he gives his recommendations on some options available in regards to those trades. Watch the video here.