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Paradigm Press provides actionable advice based on our editors’ alternative paradigms — their mental models and worldview.

Through our free e-letters and paid publications, we publish our editors’ paradigms in direct challenge to the mainstream paradigms that guide our world today…

Like the paradigms taught by economics PhDs in the world’s top universities. You know, like a financial crisis only happens once every 1,000 years. (Ugh…)

Or the paradigms spread on mainstream financial media. Like, passive investing is the safest, most reliable way to build wealth. (Talk about a ticking time bomb!)

Or, how about an even more fundamental paradigm spewed on campaign trails: That government should take care of you from cradle to grave. (Whatever happened to good old fashioned capitalism?)

Over time, these terrible mainstream models will die out. And we’ll have paradigm shifts to new and better models.

But those shifts can take time. Decades… even centuries, sometimes.

So, instead of waiting around, our editors uncover better paradigms you can use today. Ahead of the mainstream. These are better models for explaining how the world works.

The honest, unconventional, unbiased and independent financial forecasts by our editors have been recognized by numerous media sources, including The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNBC, Fox Business News, Forbes, Reuters, Bloomberg, U.S. News & World Report, Financial Times, The Washington Post and many more.

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My name is Sean Ring. I’ll be the guy you start seeing in your inbox bright and early every trading day. I’m here to bring you a snarky take on the markets’ goings-on, shenanigans, and tomfoolery that we see every day. I’ve wanted a job like this my whole life, and I’m going to do everything I can to start your day off with a big smile, a bit of entertainment, and a bit of information. Let’s call it infotainment. I think that’s what everybody needs with their cup of coffee. Sure, I’ll sum up what happened yesterday. But really, what I’m going to be talking about is the idiocy that’s currently consuming the financial markets, the Federal Reserve and other central banks’ crackbrained behavior, the ludicrous greed taking place inside Wall Street banks, the list goes on…

The Daily Reckoning is written by Brian Maher (The Daily Reckoning’s managing editor) or by a contributor like Jim Rickards each day the market is open. New York Times Magazine described the e-letter as “a freewheeling Website for libertarians, gold bugs and doom enthusiasts of every stripe...” But truthfully, it’s much more than that. The Daily Reckoning focuses on one big idea every day. One way you can profit from and make sense of (or at the very least, laugh at) the world of finance, economics and politics.

Every morning, The Daily Proof, will provide our editors’ latest research and exactly what they’re looking into every week. There’s one thing our editors have learned through all of the booms, busts and terrible endings. Bold forecasts require bold proof. Our mission is to provide you with the stories and research that can protect your wealth, and even profit, from the trends and stories that are often buried in headline news.