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I’m concerned about providing my credit card information. Will it be shared?

We will never ask you for personal information — your credit card number, for example — except when you place an order. At that time, we will provide a secure (SSL, encrypted) connection and require you to submit only the information needed to complete and fulfill your order. Only authorized employees of Paradigm Press, LLC will have access to this information. Paradigm Press will not sell or rent this information to anyone or share it in any other way, unless required to by a law enforcement agency that takes the proper steps to require it.

Please note that when you give us your mailing address, Paradigm Press will use this information to fulfill your order or subscription and to send you information on other products that may suit your interests. If you don’t want Paradigm Press to send you this other information, please contact our customer service department.

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Will you share my email address with anyone else?

No. Your privacy is important to us. When you submit your email address to Paradigm Press, you can rest assured that we will not share or sell that information with or to any third party. Although we may send you news and/or special offers from our special partners and affiliates, we will send you that information only if you opt to receive it. Again, we will never transfer your personal information to anyone else, and you are always free to opt out of our special mailings at any time.

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What are “cookies”?

Cookies are small files placed on your computer by a Web page when you visit it. They can be used to store all sorts of useful information to make your next visit easier and more convenient, but some people are uncomfortable not knowing what information is in a cookie.

The Paradigm Press website uses cookies only to compile statistics on the use of the various pages on our site (how many people visit each page and that sort of thing). We do not store or collect any personally identifiable information.

For instructions on deleting cookies in Internet Explorer, click here.

For instructions on deleting cookies in Google Chrome, click here.

For instructions on deleting cookies in Mozilla Firefox, click here.

For instructions on deleting cookies in Safari, click here.

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