Important Update Regarding Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily

Robert KiyosakiRobert Kiyosaki

Editor, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily

If you read this letter, you know I like cryptocurrencies.

The People’s Money is the future of finance.

The only question left for us is: how do we educate ourselves about it?

Well, today I have exciting news for you on that front…

Every day over the past few years, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily has brought readers the new rules of money… including what I know about cryptocurrencies.

But interest in cryptocurrencies is exploding, just like their prices — we’ve heard it from our readers — and on this subject, I’m not the expert you need.

Which bring us to the big announcement…

Starting this Wednesday, Rich Dad Poor Dad Daily will become Daily Crypto Hunter. It’s a brand-new publication dedicated to bringing you the latest insights on cryptocurrencies, from the brightest minds on the subject.

It’s like a free masterclass, every day, from colleagues of mine like George Gilder and James Altucher, some of the world’s most well-known experts on the subject.

Don’t worry, I’m still out there spreading my message of financial education as always. You can find new content at my Rich Dad website.

But when it comes to the hottest new investment, you’re in good hands.

With that, I’ll pass this off to my publisher, Matt Insley, for more on why we made this exciting move…


Matt Insley


I’m Matt Insley, your Daily Crypto Hunter publisher.

I’m changing things up with this letter for a very simple reason…

Cryptocurrency has finally gone mainstream.

It’s a three trillion dollar market now.

That’s bigger than Microsoft AND Apple’s market values.

And put simply, I don’t you miss out on any of the exciting developments in the explosive space.

In 2021 alone, bitcoin is up more than 50%.

Ethereum has gained 300%-plus.

And a crypto called dogecoin – that no one ever heard of before this year – gained more than 8,000% in just a few weeks back in April.

Look, millionaires are being minted very day with crypto gains.

And I want YOU to be one of them.

Crypto isn’t just for nerdy college kids, either…

Even retirees are earning monster monthly incomes from crypto trading.

So to set you for crypto success, starting on Wednesday…

The Daily Crypto Hunter will show you how to get started with a crypto account…

Get you up to speed on crypto’s most important stories that you won’t hear about on Fox Business, CNBC, or Bloomberg…

And spot the next bitcoin or ethereum… long before it goes to the moon.

Ray Blanco

Matt Insley
Publisher, Daily Crypto Hunter