The 25 Cent Trader with Nomi Prins gives you access to Nomi’s proprietary momentum model that incorporates a range of co-dependent variables that combine to capture market momentum in selected stocks. Based on her extensive experience on Wall Street, as well as her mathematical background and expertise, Nomi utilizes this model by having a pre-selected and pre-screened index of companies and using an options-based strategy for maximum gains.

The model pinpoints discernible momentum and volume-related activity in order to achieve large gains within one trading day and compares the associated analysis against the pre-screened index of viable names. If a company appropriately achieve target momentum model levels, weekly option trades using strike prices and entry limits are suggested on either Monday or Tuesday around 10 AM or earlier, and generally be trading near $0.25 per contract.

Exit limits for these trades are also suggested according to each reader’s risk tolerance. Readers are also advised to exit all trades before market closes on the same day if those limits aren’t hit as a hedge to mitigate downside from time decay.

Readers will receive a Friday recap of the trade, or in the event no trade flashed on the model, an explanation for that as well.   Because this is a very time-sensitive strategy, readers have the option of receiving suggestions in either email or text format.