Jim Rickards’ Tactical Currency Profits gives investors access to the world’s largest marketplace – the $6.6 trillion currency market. Using his proprietary C.O.B.R.A. trading system, Jim helps investors profit from the capital flows that result from international economic warfare.

Jim uses his vast experience as a key player in the top-secret currency war games the CIA and DOD periodically conduct to simulate and prepare for a state of global economic warfare. His objective to help investors deal with this kind of warfare…plus every other kind of economic shift you can imagine to greatly increase your wealth and security as they play out.

Because currencies are range-bound, you don’t have to worry about huge price fluctuations with currencies, like you do with stocks. Jim keeps track of 16 obscure, yet easy-to-trade securities around the clock. Each of these unique securities is either directly indexed to a major global currency…or substantially influenced by one of them.

He will show you how his C.O.B.R.A. system exposes these incredible profit opportunities to both protect and grow your wealth in the lucrative currency market.