Publishing Schedule



Online & Printed Monthly Publications Issue Online Issue Mailed Weekly Email Update
Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence 4th Week of the Month 1st Week of the following Month Monday, Anytime Alerts
Rich Dad Poor Dad Letter 3rd Week of the Month 4th Week of the Month Weekly Rich Dad Radio Show


Online Only Publications Issue Online Weekly Email Updates
Jim Rickards’ Crash Speculator Every other Tuesday (alert) Commentary every other Wednesday || Portfolio updates on the 2nd Thursday of month
Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator Fourth Friday of the month (alert) Commentary twice a month || Portfolio updates on the 2nd Friday of each month
Jim Rickards’ Tactical Currency Profits Anytime alerts (buys and sells) Briefing Every Other Wednesday || Portfolio Updates on First Thursday of each Month
Nomi Prins’ Dark Money Millionaires Every other Thursday (alert) Articles every Tuesday || Portfolio updates every other Thursday || Weekly video updates every Saturday
Nomi Prins’ 25 Cent Trader Every Monday or Tuesday (alert if recommended) 2-4 Trades per Month Monday or Tuesday before 10AM || Weekly recap on Friday’s following a trade || FAQ of the week every Wednesday
Nomi Prins’ Rapid Growth Opportunities Every fourth Wednesday (alert) Portfolio updates every other Wednesday || Video update once a month